WADI EL NILE has become a new revolutionary thought in then field of importing and exporting dry beans whether in " Egypt" or all over the world, standing a step over other competitors and bearing a unique touch of excellence and quality.
The power of our experience is collected along 30 years of continues success and achievements, during which we fixed our roots both in the Egyptian and the international market in exporting Egyptian beans.

Where it gets to be natural to bring
WADI EL NILE to the scene when the word grains is uttered. Our success is the outcome of proceeding work in the field under one permanent policy, the policy of complete commitment that is applied to all our services:

. Perfect times.
. Suitable prices.
. Delivering high quality products.
. Shipping in time.
. flexibility of paying options.

Graining trust takes so much efforts, but it enables us to invade huge markets all over Europe and Middle East, beside the increasing orders that reach us from different other countries who put their confidence in our qualifications and abilities to produce precisely their needs with unsurpassed quality and prices.

All over the world, there is no one who can mistake our products as it supplies their needs during complete 30 years in the time where other competitor was not able to strike even an ordinary presence in the market. For that very reason we import the crops from the countries famous for producing it at high qualities to meet the needs of our consumers in the world market.

We export the excellent kinds of Egyptian beans and well known Egyptian agricultural production like Rice, Split Broad beans, Ground nuts, White Beans…..Etc. So, we have been fair to say that
WADI EL NILE is the only one name deserves your trust.

WADI EL NILE has ISO 9001:2000 Certification.

ISO 9001:2000